2014-01-06 11:19:56 by Kumakun4

I never did get back into things.

I'm sorry :c

Recent events may or may not have me drawing again in the very near future. One of those events being a New Year's resolution :D

Hope to see most of you regularly again.

It's been a while

2013-08-22 20:14:47 by Kumakun4

News could use an update!
I'm still alive.
I'm... not drawing anywhere near as much as I'd like to.
There's a lot of writing going on.
No, I haven't dropped my game project. It's just developing very... very... slowly.
I lost nearly 30 pounds since the last news feed I made back in January...!
Work's been pretty hectic but really, I've just been making poor use of my free time.
I've spent most of it sleeping.
Or roasting in the sun.

I hope you've all been doing well :3
Expect to see some stuff soon.
I'm back in the saddle.


2013-01-28 03:34:38 by Kumakun4

You know, I have no idea why I make these.

I guess I just refresh the profile every so often.

Also the reason I've been so MIA lately is because... well, I don't particularly have any real excuse for it. I'd like to say it's because of work but really, I'm just too lazy to get to drawing anything.

I'm still working on the game project though!

We get these really long, hour-long breaks for lunch at work, which is completely alien to me as I've never been given more than thirty minutes to scarf my food down at any place I've ever worked, so I use the spare time getting some writing done.

Have any of you ever tried to write a story? It's surprisingly complex and I'm having an extremely hard time just settling for what I have. Instead, I waste time nitpicking at every little detail I feel may be left unexplained, terrified by the prospect that someone might look a bit more deeply into it and find some nonsensicality (is that even a word?) I may have overlooked.

That being said, I AM forcing myself to settle for the version I've worked on so far. I'm not 100% pleased with it but a tiny voice somewhere inside my being assures me I never will be and is telling me to deal with it. Which I will.

I can only assume sketches and concept art will follow once I get all the written work and foot notes out of the way.

Making a game is surprisingly complex work.

Is this entry ending too abruptly? I haven't really taken the time to read myself over.

This is the end of the entry! I'm sorry if it's abrupt. And hurray if it isn't...!


2012-11-28 16:47:09 by Kumakun4

I'm... probably back?
I don't really know.
Just figured the news feed could use a not-so-update.



2011-08-03 21:43:54 by Kumakun4

I have no idea.



2011-06-22 00:31:00 by Kumakun4

So, the more I work on this game, the more I feel like it's going to be some sort of bizarre hybrid between the Tales games and Monster Hunter... if it had been released on the SNES.
I'm hoping the gameplay is going to be as entertaining as it seems on paper, but I'm bound to run into problems.
Also, I'm just writing this to get rid of the older post.
Which was old.
Progress is being made on the game though...!
I just haven't been drawing as much lately, something I plan to remedy during the summer.
So... expect something.
Hopefully before the summer's end, but that might actually be a bit too optimistic.

Yay :D

2011-04-05 03:49:01 by Kumakun4

I exist :3
And I have something in the works...!
I leave you with this tentative screenshot of the combat screen, sadly devoid of background ;o
If I say anymore than this, I'll feel like I'm making false promises.
It's supposed to be mostly real-time action with RPG elements, collectibles, upgradable weapons, etc.

Yay :D