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Could probably use a few more tweens, I was often left wondering where the hell the limbs went as they often seemed to just disappear and reappear without really showing any transition from the starting position to the end position. If that makes any sense. Doesn't really feel like robots "dashing" really fast, just feels like you'd gotten to a point in this thing where you'd put so much work into it that you didn't feel like putting in tweens anymore.
The pilot was kind of... off-putting, too. I mean, I understand that human anatomy probably isn't your strongest suit, but the girl just felt half-assed. Unless this was purposefully meant to be a satyre of generic teenage-girl-piloting-giant-robot animes.
The sound effects were awesome though.


You know, I'm pretty sure I didn't dream this.
But it's still brilliant and well drawn and stuff.


The art and voice acting were pretty good, nothing too over-the-top, but nothing groundbreaking either.
The only reason I give this an 8 is because, while I understand that you tried to pass this off as a charity commercial or something, it didn't quite have that informative feel to it. Adding narration and a bit more medical lingo would have really made a difference.
I understand it was a spoof, but a narrative voice explaining the effects and symptoms of Velociraptorism would have really given the flash more... credibility. Just my two cents.

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Pretty decent work here.
The gameplay isn't anything new or exciting, but the story keeps you going. The dialogue isn't too stale or corny, but it does have it's dull moments that make you roll your eyes. There are times where the characters just feel like they're talking -too- much.
My only major complaint though is the size of the conversation window compared to the character sprites.
The window is very wide and having the conversation participants at either end of it makes it a chore to read the text and check on either side of the window to see who's talking and what their expression is.
Other than that, good stuff.
It's nice to see someone focusing on a good story rather innovative gameplay or mind-blowing graphics for a change.

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Again, this feels like it was made for a younger generation.
Like, much younger, around 14 years old and under.
It's sadly not something most of the older generation of gamers that lurks on Newgrounds will appreciate.
The story is very simple, not much thought or effort put into it, as it mostly feels like you just Frankenstein'd elements from various other game or tv series and slapped 'em all together (Dragonball, Gradius, Megaman, etc.).
The graphics are, once again, nothing to write home about. They're functional, but not very appealing. The heroine is... not very attractive, spending more time on her looks would have definitely increased your scores. Yes, the enemies are plentiful, but they're all a clusterfuck of geometric shapes filled with gradients. Again, the lack of thought or effort put into them is glaring.
The music, I have nothing to say against for the most part, mostly because it's thankfully the only aspect of the game you didn't create or contribute to.
Voices are... well, they're crisp and clean, but the script is still too tired and generic. The VAs sound like they're dubbing a pokémon episode.
Gameplay is not too bad, but definitely not the best. Everyone's been asking why Z and X and well, seems pretty obvious to me that it's because on most SNES and GBA emulators, the A and B buttons are set by default to X and Z respectively. To anyone who's never played games on an emulator before, these settings obviously won't feel very intuitive or logical.
All in all, another rushed chapter in the hunter series, which is really sad. You've got the drive to make a game, somthing that most people lack, but you just don't seem to have the desire to improve yourself. You've ignored all constructive reviews and only acknowledged the bug reports/e-peen strokes.
I doubt anyone would have complained if you'd have found someone more talented to take care of of the game's graphics halfway through the chapters.
Sometimes you need to put public appeal above "series consistency".
I'm not expecting anything new from the final Hunter installment.
Best of luck on future projects.

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This one is actually a little more bearable.
I'll be honest though, I still think this series could use a massive graphical overhaul. Yes, this does feel like an old school megaman game, but that's the problem:
It feels rushed. Megaman games were on smaller screens, which allowed for less detail, but you could feel there was genuine effort and thought put into enemy and level design.
I mean yes, Hunters: Relic of Stars has "thousands" of new sprites even though it's main ones are ripped from an '05 movie for "continuity", but they all look like they were made in five minutes... It's like you slapped a bunch of simple shapes together, filled them with gradients and voila. Maybe consider finding someone who can make your game seem a little more... modern? I find it hard to believe no one would have offered yet.
Just a suggestion, though.
Music was actually rather fitting, no complaints there. The controls are still a little...I dunno, iffy, but I'll blame my own sub-par reflexes when it comes to harmoniously synchronising shooting and avoiding while aiming accurately.
I still find the cutscenes, along with the script, incredibly cliché for the times, where the dialogue has me scrambling for a Skip button. There are also a lot of things that aren't really explained to people who haven't bothered making a background check on your series.
Why is there a ninja in the forest...?
And why is he so mellow...?
To each his own, I suppose.
This probably appeals to a younger generation, where the challenge is definitely present and the story is simple and easy to follow, even if there are a few logical discrepancies.
All in all, not my bag. I need a solid story and graphics that don't feel like placeholders. But apparently it's good enough to make frontpage, so I guess my tastes are wonky... >.>

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I'll have to agree with JAFT.
I really can't say much on this as far as tributes go, since I've never really played Corpse Party, but I know your remixes are usually pretty damn awesome, and I love the way this one sounds!
So while it may not be the most professionnal review on here, I'd like to mention nonetheless that this sounds really, really, REALLY nice!
Nice enough to have it on loop for hours in the background and not grow bored of it :D

It's pretty damn good, you can barely hear the music apart from the cords but your voice is lovely as always.
Don't suppose you've ever considered singing a remake of "Almateria", the song for the opening sequence of the Tales of Symphonia anime?
Your voice sounds like it'd be perfect for it after hearing this o.o

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VGSongbird responds:

That's kind of what I was going for--choral music is more of a combination of notes, rather than a melody with harmonies.
And I'll listen and see if it's something I'm interested in ^_^

I've probably said this about a lot of your songs but goddamn, girl. The intensity, the feverish tempo... Makes me want to grab a massive broadsword and go fight something huge.
You're incredible :D

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NemesisTheory responds:

I'll go ahead and grab a massive broadsword too and join you haha!

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I'm curious to know what picture you used as reference for the pose and metallic shading. Seems the kind of thing you'd see typically in recent DC or Marvel comics o.o

Turned out pretty well.

Cethic responds:

I used a spiderman pose for the basic reference of shaping, then i did the rest of the reshaping and editing myself. I didn't use reference for the coloring, this is just how I color my comic book stuff.


It's an improvement on your previous busts, the face is actually drawn at the same angle as the head this time.
I'd hardly consider this to be a completed work though, especially since you yourself admit to have "slacked off" on half of the portrait. Why did you submit it as finished work to be put in the Portal...?

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IloveNantes responds:

You know what? I question that myself. I question the meaning of the life of a mistakenly marked box. I'll change that now, thanks!


It's all blurry. :c

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